Black olives are one of the most popular table olive varieties. These olives are known for their purple to black hue, soft meaty texture, and tart, tangy, slightly acidic flavor reminiscent of red wine vinegar. Like other varieties of table olives, black olives must be harvested by hand in order to protect the delicate fruits from bruising or scarring. The black olives though are carefully selected also for another one use. After brined, they are pitted and crushed into simple and pure paste of all-natural fresh black olives with a rich and strong finish and a smooth well-balanced texture.

The different types

This Greek-style olive spread, called pasta elias, is similar to French tapenade from Provence. Unlike tapenade, which is made with anchovies and capers, this appetizer is vegan. There are a wide range of uses for this condiment, and it is a frequent feature in Mediterranean kitchens as a result.

Apparently, the basic ingredients of an olive paste are black olives and olive oil. There are different variations though with additions of garlic, capers and dried herbs, such as oregano, rosemary, or thyme. Nevertheless, other ones are such as simple as conaining just the olive puree and the olive oil.

Zelos Black Olive Paste

If you love the savoury, irresistible flavour of olives, Zelos Black Olive Paste is perfect for making your favourite mediterranean snack even more versatile. It is a 100% natural product, produced of cured black olives and extra virgin olive oil and has a hearty, rustic yet harmonious and smooth taste, ideal for bruschetta, or even pasta sauces. This olive paste can be laid out on a buffet, paired with crackers, breads, or even vegetables and used as a dip or as a garnish on some foods as well. The carefully prepared Zelos Black Olive Paste contains all the nutrients found in olives and olive oil. Indeed a product of excellent quality and flavor.